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Who are the Galactic 7

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The Galactic 7 hail from all "four corners of the universe" as they describe. They come from many constellations and they all come to inform humanity at this epic time of change.

Each delegate is a representative of the different galactic frequencies which are coming to Earth to communicate hope, love, peace and healing so the Earth and her Children may prosper from it. The Galactic 7 wish to see the continuance of our human race and the blossoming of human progress which includes the restitution of this earth (ecosystem/environment).

Representatives come from the constellations, Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus, Lyra and Sirius who are have spoken through Earth Children (channels) many times before. Many of us are starseeds from these intergalactic races and know their voices well, intuitively or practically.

However, lesser known contributors to the Galactic 7 are representatives from the "Axial Alignment," who energetically inhabit the north star, Polaris, the central axis of the earth and the crystal castles of inner earth (Agharians).

And The Galatea (Galanteals) who are less known collectively to us, but whom have contributed to our planet for centuries, and even have inhabited it in previous times. They are energetically connected to the dwarf planet Eris and the minor moon, Galatea, which orbits around the planet that we know as Neptune.

The constellations are only important to differentiate the relative frequencies these representatives each express. Every Constellation comes with different frequency of healing for Earth. As we might recognise our distinct personalities via our cultures, these interdimensional guides recognise themselves through the constellation they access to transmit healing frequencies upon us.

The Galactic 7 wish to impart upon you messages of peace and love for humanity. They speak through me to reach you and heal you this day. To be healed in turn simply access the Rainbow Light Frequency Continuum, a bridge to their light language and healing for all humanity to access at this time of change.

A meditation to support this is coming, but you may simply ask to be connected to this healing frequency in order to be healed. Each constellation represents a different frequency and thus a different healing hue which the delegates master and represent. They wish the world to know they are always available to heal us, as we ascend to higher frequencies at this time.

Thank you for your support and love, for all those who have reached out and thanked us for this information, I am so grateful it is useful and supportive right now.

Sending a river and rainbow of love to you today,

xo elise

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