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Message from The Galatea for Humanity

Hello Earth Children, We are The Galatea.

We come from the planet Neptune. Our moon which travels around us is small but infinite.

We are creatures that love humans. We love the Earth, we love your planet and we love the waters that surround her. And we are watching humanity break in two.

It is a painful process but this is the restitution.

The fourth dimensional realm is healing. The fourth dimensional realm has scrambled for years, holding the core of humanity's hopes, dreams, mythos and wishes, and also holding the core of humanity's cruelty, calamity and chaos. The fourth dimensional realm holds everything between you and me.

It holds the death state of the human as you move from body to spirit being. It holds the Ego that passes through to the great central sun in the sky. It is the gateway to heaven when you die. It holds the mythological realm from which we, the Galatea, belong. A place which sits beside heaven and encompasses a world that human's have known for centuries and accessed in their dreaming, journeying and in their cultures of old.

We hold the answers to the equation that you are seeking of the healing of your earth and it comes from within.

It is emotional healing.

You are releasing the grip of fear on your life and there is nothing more frightening than releasing that grip. When you come to relax into the peace and the knowingness that all is supporting you and nothing can go wrong, your mind has nowhere to go.

The human mind is a limited being. There are elements of this mind that have been created long ago when survival was the key. And you didn't know what was coming for you. Now, the only thing that coming for you, is you.

It’s cruelty that you exhibit to each other, it is the selfishness, the hoarding behavior, the chaos.

This is the fear apocalypse.

You are at the edge of your journey within. It is sacred. It is holy and is healing.

This divine one, she has already told you the nature of going within is important at this time and the realm that you must access is the bridge that allows you to cross between every different world. Each of us in the Galactic 7 holds a piece of your peace.

So should you wish to understand your human healing gifts, your capacity to self heal, your capacity for self-love or understanding of the depths of the seas of love that are available to you all you need to do is think of our rainbow bridge, the bridge that connects all the worlds in the cosmic universe.

It is the gateway to heaven where no time, and no darkness, no war, no famine, no hunger, no hell, no cruelty, no crushing in of humanity exists.

It is the rainbow light frequency continuum.

See yourself traveling upon this. See this frequency healing you. Invite it into our heart into your being. We are The Galatea, we are sprite like creatures from the seas of the Neptune sky.

We do not hold back the healing you are seeking.All we require is that you wish to cross this bridge. Let us into your dreams. Let us be the keepers of your heart flame.

You are beloved beyond most, Earth Children. You have chosen the warrior path, the hardest path to take in an Ascension. This is valued above all, this is a loved beyond measure.

We stand here, at the bridge of healing, offering you hope.

Please be the Harbingers of Hope for your Earth Humanity in Healing.

We love you all,

The Galatea.

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