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How do I book and What do I book?

Please book an Initial- Spiritual Healing (70-90mins). To book, go to the online booking page.


Do You Have A Waitlist?

Yes, you can add your request to be on the waitlist to your comments section of the booking.

Due to demand, you cannot go on the waitlist UNLESS you have a booking.

Is it possible to speed up the wait for a session?

Members of my online portal called The Practice are preferenced for Cancellations.


Is the $60 deposit refunded if I cancel?

No. This is a non- refundable payment for your first session only to secure a booking and will not be refunded.


Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, as I am booked out well in advance and my time is important, I charge a $50 cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time any time you cancel.

Please try to provide 48 hrs notice for appointment cancellations as my waitlist is long and people need time to reschedule.


Do you do Readings?

Yes, 45mins & 75mins options of divination are available ONLINE ONLY  see my online booking page for more


What are you?

I am a seeress, meaning I see the unseen worlds. I am an Arcturian Starseed primarily, with other strong connections to cosmic and galactic wisdom. I am a spiritual healer. I am a very accurate psychic medium and clairvoyant, my gifts are used for the purpose of healing and transformation, not for entertainment.


I am not a fortune teller. I do not speculate on issues that my guides don't see as being necessary for your ultimate healing. I am guided to encourage my clients to take responsibility for their life choices and as such never misuse or abuse my gifts for unethical or dodgy purposes.


Do you work online?

Yes, I work both Face to face and Online.

COVID UPDATE: Unless I am obliged by lockdown or government laws, all sessions are face to face.

I take all the necessary precautions relating to hygiene and will never work if I am unwell. I do not see clients face to face if they are unwell or looking after unwell people. I do have integrated zoom links in all my appointments, as part of my diary system but this is only for back up or if a person needs to work online due to being unwell. feel free to contact me if you are unsure, but assume you are seeing me face to face. If you wish to see me online, please advise first.


What do you do?

I am a seeress, spiritual healer and a gifted psychic, medium, channel and psychic knower. I am gifted in Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance, with the two remaining "Clairs" showing up from time to time where your or my guides deem it important to get a message through in this specific way.


As a psychic knower, I get accurate timelines, dates, ages, numbers and numerical or timeframe predictions that come through about events in your life, however, this is only for the purpose of healing.

As a medium, I connect with spirit, again for the purview of your healing. As a Channel, I connect with your guides, interdimensional guides and spiritual energies of light here to create clarity and direction in your life.


I am also a trained, clinically specialized trauma-informed Psychotherapist, who understands mental health concerns, intergenerational trauma, development trauma, etc. I never use my gifts  to gain power or control over my clients. I am honest and pragmatic but not fear-based and will encourage your free will, intuition and empowerment in all I do.

Do you work with children?

Unfortunately, now that I booked ahead 10-12m in advance I no longer work with children and youth. I have a beautiful pack of meditations and calming practices available for download you can try however, here

What session frequency do you recommend?

This is assessed on a case by case basis but generally speaking when I client begins to work with me they may see me every 6w to address an issue, after that original episode of care we move to "maintenance phase" which you may see me every 12w or 2-3 times per year. I will recommend a course of action based on my guides recommendation.

Do you talk in sessions?

Yes. I talk A LOT! Healing with me is a co-created experience, that is dynamic rather than passive. It is not a session where you close your eyes and disconnect, it is not a reiki relaxation, as there are many people who offer this type of session you should have no trouble finding people who work from a relaxation perspective and you can usually get in to see these practitioners sooner than I. My sessions combine channelling real-time, with healing and therapeutic response in the moment, and this involves my reading your energy field and talking to you. You are involved throughout and it is a beautiful experience that will empower you, rather than disconnect, bypass or disempower you.


If I am seeing you, am I allowed to see other practitioners for healing or help?

YES! In fact, I encourage you to have a team of professionals that support you! I am not primary support to people due to how booked out I am, I see myself as a specialist and ancillary support. Rarely would I see people more frequently than once per month and most people see me 3-4 times a year. Those in the "maintenance phase of healing 2-3 times per year.


Additionally, I would never tell you whom you can or can't work with, or who is or is not allowed to work with you. Professionals don't tell you whom you can and can't see. Integrate whatever supports you need into your life and healing. You own the right to make decisions for your health and healing, your energy and aura are your own and no one should ever claim sole right over your energy.

Do you record sessions?

online yes, in person sometimes but mostly no. For the purposes of soul growth and confidentiality, I do not record some sessions, but you are welcome to take notes afterward. I find people recall what they need in the moment and have elements return when they need it most, all the wisdom stays with you. This helps you remain autonomous and not be overly influence by my guidance, letting you make your own decisions and build your intuition and confidence.

Do you offer Mental Health Care Plans or Rebates?

No. I am not a psychologist and I do not qualify for rebates. I am trained across many areas, but I am not recognised for discounts or rebates. If you are keen to access these, which I fully support, reach out to your GP.

I don't want to wait to see you, do you recommend anyone?

This is so tricky because as much as I'd love to give you options for referral, the reality is what I do is very specialised and unique. In the instance you don't want to wait to see me, which I completely understand, this is the recommendation I would make: utilise google, speak to friends and family for alternative recommendations and go with your gut. Good Luck!

Do you respond to emergency situations or personal DMs and emails, phone calls, texts for psychic information?

No. I am not an emergency service. I recommend reaching out to your GP, Psychologist or Lifeline, 13 11 14, for support in acute or emergency situations. I never give advice over email, text or phone and thank you for observing these necessary boundaries.

Do you teach Reiki?

This is a question I get asked a lot, but I don't teach Reiki Courses. To teach Reiki would be misleading as what I do has evolved from my guides and my experience than from the energy healing training I have done.


I have kept Reiki in my business name on the advice of my guides, as an Arcturian Starseed, and with Master guides that hark from Arcturus, amongst other constellations. Reiki is an energy of love light that comes from Arcturus and is aligned with the origin of my work and soul purpose, however, what I do encompasses many other forms of transformation and healing.


My guides have told me I will eventually teach spiritual healing, but have informed me it is not yet the time for me to do that. I have many courses in person and online available and upcoming, in addition to THE PRACTICE you can participate in if you would like to form a deeper spiritual connection. 


Will you ever contact me "out of the blue" with psychic information?

No. Ethically, I do not DM or text people with information 'out of the blue,' this is called solicitation of business. It is unethical and violates your privacy and free will. If you need help, by all means make an appointment and seek out your supports.

The Practice FAQ

Can I join for a month only?

Yes, if you join on the $39 per month rate you pay month by month and can opt-out anytime by accessing PayPal or contacting me on; you will be paid up to the joining date for a month. Please give notice to cancel a plan. This applies to Quarterly subscriptions. Refunds are not issued. Misuse of the Platform will terminate your subscription. 

Is the Practice a Psychic Development Course

While many people have huge shifts in their intuition via doing The Practice, the purpose of the Practice is not Psychic Development. My guides advise me that the best preparation for healing others and intuitive work is healing yourself and developing a spiritual practice of your own.


My psychic capacity was elevated through the system of The Practice portal, which largely incorporates ritual, meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, healing, trauma-informed integrative healing and mindful movement practices.


My guides have basically informed me that people sent to earth to use their spiritual and psychic gifts for others are under the apprenticeship or tutelage of their guides in spirit. There are lots of psychic development courses out there and I encourage you if this is what you feel called to do, to seek this out. 

Can I upgrade my subscription?
Yes absolutely, Just email me on
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