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Everything you need to learn to master your energyfield and spiritual vibration. This bundle gives your aura a sweet makeover!

  • 7 incredible guided tracks to heal your energy field
  • Learn to clear lower vibrating dense energies keeping you heavy and beautiful rituals to raise your energy frequency signature for good.
  • Including 2 sacred healing journeys that travel through time to sacred destinations of your past lives, your akash, to unlock your healing potential
  • Learn to clear any frequencies not aligned with your soul and bring you ultimate spiritual peace!
  • Inlcuding 2 further tracks that teach selaing and protection rituals to ward off psychic attack and keep your aura sparkling
  • 3 stellar Meditations designed to clear and raise your energy signature vibration
  • PLUS BONUS Sparkle Soul e-book, with loads of quick energy fixes and theory on energetic transformation by renowned psychic healer and starseed oracle, Elise Reiki
  • PLUS SECOND BONUS: A Meditation and Healing Planner to help you revamp your energy hygeine and health over a suggested 4 week period, so much sparkling to be had on the inside and out, mind, body and soul

Energy Clearing Meditation & Healing Bundle

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