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Busy but need to destress? This self care pack is for you. 7 efficient ways to give your mind body and spirit much needed ways to find peace, without a wasted minute.

This pack includes

  • 2 meditation tracks  that allow you to compartmentalise stress and take a mental break, a holiday in your ears!
  • A sleep journey to ensure a deep rejuvenatory sleep each night
  • A mini yoga nidra track (11mins) that brings inner peace and calm instantly
  • A breathing hack to help you calm and destress, manage anxiety and relax in 7mins or under
  • The only mindfulness practice you'll ever need, 27 Breaths
  • A protection and healing medi thats like an at home reiki cleanse
  • and my BONUS e-book full of sparkly hacks

7 Self Care Practices for Busy People

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