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"Hey My Honey's" 

Ask Elise a Question

As guided, Elise offers anonymous online readings for her honey's that want a question answered

via social media - Be sure to keep it anonymous, make up a pseudonym for yourself and a creative title to your query, so you can identify when your question is being answered - submit your question below for her guidance - namaste

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Spiritual Healing

This signature service is the offering that Elise has become most in demand for and most well known as, involving her skills of energetic healing, psychic mediumship, clairvoyance and energy body reading, counselling and therapy. Many clients begin here to understand themselves better as a spiritual being, to fully heal trauma across all pats fo themselves and to activate their innate self-healing skills

Therapeutic Group Work

Elise is building spiritually safe, trauma sensitive spaces both online and in-person for small groups to access healing in relation to spiritual sensitivity, empathic capacity and recovery from lived trauma experiences. Subscribe for more information as to when these will run and apply online.  

Divination Readings

Elise reluctantly began working more in a psychic capacity during the Pandemic, after years of trying to stay anonymous as a most gifted psychic medium, oracle and tarot reader, however, the pandemic taught her how needed her intuitive guidance and predictions were to so many during difficult and uncertain times. Readings are available for 45mins and 75mins (including a mini aura cleanse/blessing) respectively on an as advertised and adhoc basis to anyone who has an interest in working with her psychically. 

Spiritual Supervision

Elise offers monthly group supervision to healers, holistic therapists/ counsellors, and psychics and intuitives. To apply to be part of this mentorship and supervision click here.

PsychoSpiritual & EMDR Therapy

After commencing an Initial Spiritual Healing, Elise offers clinical trauma-sensitive psychotherapy via a planned episode of care, a systemised series of sessions which draws on clinical tools such as EMDR, IFS, ACT and various other Trauma-informed, mindful, spiritually inclusive and holistic approaches for her clients

The Practice

The Practice is an online spiritual portal with a handy downloadable web app for your tablet or phone that allows you to connect regularly with meditations, spiritual healing tools, online webinars and mindful movement rituals Elise uses to manage her empath, psychic and spiritual sensitivities - You can join at any time and have any level of interest or knowledge in spirituality.

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