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Our Most Popular Bundle - a mega pack of beautiful meditations to de-stress, gain deeper, better quality sleep and calm your nervous system. This bundle de-pressures your mind and body for instant results!

  • 12 incredible guided tracks that will help you sleep, reduce anxiety and bring deep mental relaxation
  • Including the cult classic sleep journey that travel through time to the sacred healing sleep temples of greece, your dreams and sleep have never felt so good
  • Learn to harness your mind and focus through ancient tools of transformation
  • Including 5 calming techniques.
  • 2 stellar mindfulness meditations designed to ground you in calming energies and help you have a cool head at all times
  • 3 breathing exercises that hack your nervous system to bring profound relaxation - chillax and kick back in all situations through these brilliant technqiues
  • PLUS BONUS Sparkle Soul e-book, with loads of quick energy fixes and theory on energetic transformation by renowned spiritual healer and starseed oracle, Elise Reiki

Sleep Deep Stress Less Bundle

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