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Renowned Child Trauma Psychotherapist and Spiritual Healer, Elise Reiki, has helped many children learn to felm calm, safe, secure and learn how to sleep deeply over her years of practice. This meditation bundle includes 7 of her favourite self regulation, self soothing, worry busting and calming strategies you can use with children 3-8 years old.


1. Sleep meditation: Fly like a dragonfly - this one is in honour of my beautiful son, smith who loves dragons, dragonflys and jungles - a magic sleep journey through the jungle from the perspective of a glittering Dragonfly zooming in to see some colourful animal friends, embedded with sleep suggestions to help your child to relax, let go and fall deeply asleep


2. Kids Yoga Nidra - a fun, easy to follow gradual relaxation tool that helps kids relax mind body and soul, great for afternoon nap substitutes or overstimulated active kids with busy minds due to prgressive relaxation and suggested mental visualisations


3. Wishing worries away & 4.Blowing Bubbles - two quick ways to help worried children manage their fears, beautiful practices for minds that want to feel calm, especially before going to shcool, kindy, sport or going to sleep


5. Rainbow Breathing - a colourful breathing exercise that helps kids to slowly regulate their nervous system and rejuvenate mind and body through their breath


6. My Special Place - a safety inducing visualisation to help children create an imaginary place that they can go to for peace calm and safety


7. The Big Green Tree - a visit to a nature that grounds your child, where they can enjoy a special tree house, swing and use thir breath and imagination to truly become regulated and embodied. 


Tips on use:

  • kids as young as  2.5/3yo have used these meditations and depending on their interest up to 9 years old.
  • They are definitely more for younger kids, but some older children will enjoy the Kids Yoga Nidra, tweens and teens will benefit from the regular meditations available in store, such as "calm and in control" & "sleep better forever" bundle
  • Dont worry if your child falls asleep or loses interest half way through, any relaxation benefits them!
  • Children will wiggle too, that's normal and fine.
  • Always praise them for making time no matter how long or how 'well' they concentrate xo

Kids Calm & Carry On Meditation Bundle

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