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In this spiritual energy your heart intelligence is more important than ever, so why not heal your heart, awaken your heart chakra and unlock your heart knowing? This bundle streamlines your practice for instant results!

  • 7 incredible guided tracks that will propel your connect to self love, divine love and healing love!
  • Including 2 sacred healing journeys that travel through time to sacred destinations of your past lives, your akash, to unlock your spiritual potential
  • Learn to harness your dormant heart chakra healing through ancient tools of transformation
  • Including 2 tracks that teach you how to access you heart space temple, pa space within your soul with the answers to all your hearts desires
  • 2 stellar Meditations designed to connect you with your self healing capacity, protect your energy and learn to harness your heart truth.
  • PLUS BONUS Sparkle Soul e-book, with loads of quick energy fixes and theory on energetic transformation by renowned psychic healer and starseed oracle, Elise Reiki
  • PLUS SECOND BONUS: A Heart Healing Journal and Planner to help you elevate your spiritual prowess over a suggested 4 week period, so much insight and healing to awaken your heart

Heart Healing Meditation & Healing Bundle

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