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This Time on Earth is Unprecedented - A Message from the Galactic 7

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Children of Earth, We are here with you during these pressing times.

We, The Galactic 7, know that the world is going through an extreme crisis.

This is the Saturn return for humanity – The cosmic reset that has been foretold. The layers of unnecessary turmoil, stress, fatigue, misery, and sadness are being dredged off the Earth and her people. We are seeing people walking into the light, both literally and energetically in unprecedented ways.

Please understand that these extreme times will not last forever, but the innate gifts you are adapting to will be with you for eternity.

Figures being reported are over emphasising the length this tragedy is expected to run for each section of the globe. However the trauma will collectively reverberate for an extended time, at least 12 months or more across Earth. Earth Children will communicate about this adaption process for many years to come and the way you communicate and interact will forever change.

Understand the next 10 weeks (till end of May) will be trying circumstances for all. The energies are shifting and the collective consciousness is adjusting to a level of light never before experienced on earth.

We are the Galactic 7. We are aligning from seven aspects of the constellations. A representative from each: Lyra, Andromedan, Galateal, Axial (Agharians/Polaris), Orion, Arcturian and Sirius. We seven are working with you and for you, to enhance a message to humanity that all will be well and to sit in hope, united as Earth children will become.

The Shadow of humanity is about to come forward, to break free. You must release all fear, limitation, doubt and shame through daily practice that purifies and emboldens you to your spiritual truth. You are confronting long held fears at the core of your very being, individually and as one. The outcome will be liberation, collective liberation.

We are with you, Earth Children. We have never let you go. Through this experience, you are being lifted into the higher aspects of hope. All humanity are transcending. Surrender all that makes you fearful. You are ascending into light.

Blessings be to you,

Galactic 7

(for more information on the Galactic 7, see this post).

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