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Symptoms of Global Ascension and Cosmic Hyper-Empathy Shifts: MARCH 23,2020 - April, 11, 2020

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Channelled Transmission from the Galatic 7, Elise's Master Guides:

Link to the ACE Score and Information, as per the vimeo and podcast above. Should you do the test, understand you receive a point for each time of adversity, a 4+ score means you have experienced tricky layers of trauma and these could ahve a damaging affect emotionally and support should be sought.


Due to the increasing levels of fear, isolation, disconnection and the collective trauma that is currently being released en masse across earth, spiritual sensitives will be feeling the 'collective earth energy current frequency' (C-ECF) which wraps around the earth's aura field. At times of rapid emotional/electromagnetic release and episodes when fear is emitted in large waves (such as historic geopolitical disruptions, like 9/11, war, mass tragedies, genocides, etc) with fears frequency level being approximately '100,' the whole world is dragged towards a 'fear vacuum' unless individual's actively work to keep their frequency levels high ( around 300-400 or above).

This electromagnetic fear vacuum appears to the spiritual eye as a grey, cloudy fog that inhabits the 3rd to 4th dimensional realm, the layer just beyond the earth's energetic realm, obscuring the collective human connection with the energetic helper guides, elemental realm, angelic realm and other interstellar soul organisations who are of higher light vibrations, and who are working together to support all of earth's children at this time. When you vibrate at a higher level, you can shield yourself from this electromagnetic fear vacuum.

However, it is very normal for the earth children whose 'soul vehicle' is awakening and has endured any type of trauma and may already be well practiced in occupying a state of fear, even only in lesser types of fear, such as nervousness, hyper-vigilance, worry, or a readiness for attack (due to developmental trauma, early childhood neglect) or sensitivity issues to do with being embodied and connected to earth, to feel more of these energy currents as a protective measure from the primitive brain, nervous system and subtle body.

This Collective 'Hyper Empathy' State can be very disorientating and cause Earth Children to feel unlike their 'usual self' and is oftentimes accompanied symptomatically by:

  • mild chest pressures

  • emotional energy template overlaps (feeling other peoples fear)

  • head pressure, temple and forehead tensions, bordering on headaches

  • mental confusion and inability to focus

  • increased digestive and stomach problems for no apparent reason

  • lack of circulation to hands and feet

  • tingling, chilling sensations throughout the body

  • lack of visual clarity and

  • mind fog

If you are encountering these symptoms, and you know you are healthy and well, and that these are ascension symptoms' you are being guided to respond in three ways:

  1. Access Deep Breathing protocols: Channel Breath through the body to ward off disturbance. It can be as simple as just taking regular deep breaths, but adherence to regular improved breathing practice at this time will assist in cumulative raising of your soul vehicle vibration

  2. Access Purification through Water: Shower, bathe, drink plenty of fresh water, swim in the oceans, and bodies of fresh water, where possible, remain well hydrated, due to fluid being the other major source of energy balance to the body. Accessing Vibrational healing tinctures, such as drops made by elise, will immediately support these ascension symptoms

  3. Access Earthing Protocols: go outside, take your shoes off and connect with the earths vibrational frequency, 'be' in nature, walk in nature, beautify nature (gardening, sustainability practices, caring for earth and her beings) and visiting places of nature to admire and reflect will reconnect you with the electromagnetic grid of earth and out of the fear disturbance taking place by cluster of negative fear thought forms, or fear vacuums, being released into earths atmosphere by the collective.

After you have attended to any of these three practices, ask to be connected to the universal rainbow light frequency continuum. This is a continuum of healing that is available to all beings for energetic harmony, health and protection. Visualise your energy like an electrical socket plugging into this vibrational frequency at the highest levels. Breathe deeply and surrender your fear. See your celestial spiritual guidance team, including your guides and ancestors sending

loving vibrations and being supportive around you.

Earth Children, you are living through unprecedented times where loss of control is allowing the collective to experience the Ascension that every ancient culture has predicted beyond 2012. The peak of this disturbance is expected to impact you in the 20 years beyond 2012, with '22 and '23 being years where the Ascension is at its peak vibrationally. From '24 onwards a gradual plateauing in the vibrational frequency will occur as you adjust to the NEW SPIRITUAL ENERGIES of your planet.

Thus, changes in the patterns of behaviour and the precautions that you take energetically are essential to your sanity. If you know yourself to be a spiritual sensitive, you need to take these practices on board. They are simple, they are easy and they will become a part of your daily habits and they will cause you to recognise your own spiritual magnitude. They will cause you to come to accept you are more than just a spiritual being.

Even if you are open to spiritual ways of being, your capacity to accept that you are more than just a physical being can be limited by fear based thinking, intergenerational fears and trauma, past life disturbances, by current life challenges, and by the limiting beliefs you have layered upon your soul essence.

It is time to disown all that which has taken hold of your being and stripped you of your soul magnificence. There have been eons and centuries where being in human form has meant you have been bound to frequencies that limit and disturbed your ultimate spiritual and heavenly harmonies.

The detox has been activated globally. The ripple effect of this detox can be traced all the way back to year 2012. Should you review this period in your life and consider the overall themes you have been grappling with (since 2012), you will see the peaceful image of the lotus flower blooming, the spiritual awakening and it is with this time that all humanity beckons forth; heralding the AGE, the age of Aquarius, the age of transformation, the age of ultimate peace.

You are the peace bringers, you are the harbingers of hope. As you hold forth all that is centred within your being, a new prosperity beckons for all.

Elise, I charge you with this truth. This is the truth of the galactic 7. You have witnessed today the peaceful messages we bring to humanity. We are here for your (collective) comfort in times of challenge. We are here to show you all that you can all be.

Earth Children, lift yourself up to the Universal Light, The Rainbow Light Frequency Continuum which is available to heal you and bring happiness upon the earth.

The frequency is being raised upon the earth and the fear is letting go.

We are walking with you on this journey,

Galatic 7.

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