Coping with Covid-19 from an Energetic Perspective - A message from the Galactic 7

Earth’s Children we come to you now in the middle of the storm with a message of peace

Covid 19, from a spiritual perspective, is the collective second coming: a sweeping humanitarian shift that evolves each and every one of you.

This has been prophesied historically through religious texts, by oracles for aeons and other cultures and ancient civilizations who have referred to a deep shift that would sweep through the earth’s core rapidly transforming the consciousness of Earth and her people.

This sweep is born out of the ascension of earth’s children, as they travel through the gateway formed in 2012, the 20 years beyond this (till roughly 2023-4), and the 20 years of gradual energetic adaption beyond that (2045-6).

Interpretations of how this sweep would happen, have been widespread and despite best intent, miscalculated. Despite best intent, seers have not understood the form it would take or how it would look, until now. You were not meant to truly know, child. For living is the best way of knowing.

As Earth’s Children are entering the Age of Aquarius, collective electromagnetic shifts, ecological changes and social and individual reforms are being forced upon you all. While some changes will be temporary others will be long standing and you will learn to adjust. We, The Galactic 7, need Earth’s Children to understand that this shift is a release of fear DNA that has limited you from your 'true light bodies' for sometime.

Those of you that are on the Ascension journey, know that you are becoming en-lightened and this is taking Earth’s Children to a place of not holding space for fear. Fear is dense. It holds Earth back and stops the collective from heading in the direction needed for actualised survival.

The primitive brain defines the race of Earth’s Children galactically. It is a unique mechanism that the collective eventually ascends beyond and outgrows. The Primitive Brain is a storehouse of karma and traumas in the current lifetime, in past lifetimes, through the ancestral and inherited epigenetics, and this fear is currently acting like a vice, squeezing earth’s people and keeps them stagnant. This primitive brain is being outgrown, not just within each soul’s current time, but over centuries of devotion to Earth. The universe doesn't want Earth’s Children immobilised by fear anymore.

What you are experiencing is the release of your ancient, collective fear body from your cellular structure. Waves of fear being released simultaneously around the Earth is being most deeply felt by spiritual sensitives. You are being guided to connect simply to the supports both within and around, at this time, to upgrade to this NEW SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

Earth Children, each wave of fear which is released from the fear bodies of yourself and those around you is going to ripple through your energy field and the earth's broader electromagnetic energy current field to be processed in a deep way. Collectively and individually, you will be experiencing sudden hijacks of your primitive brain by the waves of fear being released around the globe. When this happens, in order to adjust you will be guided to access simple and basic strategies already within you and around you to cope (see blog). Adjusting to this way of living becomes second nature. Stripping back collective fear, separation and disconnection, this process of stepped evolution will manifest in a new paradigm of existence and co-existence through this time.

As you go through these incredible shifts with this illness and other things that are coming in the next five years, innate systems of healing within you and around you will begin to show themselves as ways to override the fear response, bringing you to an actualised reality.